Embroidery Owl

Owl, originally uploaded by sweetbo.

I finally found somewhere to buy handkerchiefs (Burlington Coat Factory, men’s section) and got to work on my second attempt at my owl. The first attempt was on an old t-shirt and will not be seeing the light of day.

I am annoyed with the gimpy eye since I didn’t even mess that up on the test run, but all in all I deem it cute and acceptable as an early project. I’d like to do a hedgehog, sparrow, and other illustrations popular right now, but that will require some doodles.


5 thoughts on “Embroidery Owl

  1. He’s adorable! Did you transfer draw the image to the handkercheif before embroidering, or did you work on it from scratch? I’ve never tried embroidering something like this, but I did see a show on tv once where they were talking about embroidery projects and the lady said that she draws the image lightly onto the pieces material to lessen the chance of mis-sizing elements. I only noticed the owl’s gimpy eye after you mentioned it, but if it really bothers you, maybe this would be a good idea to try out on your next handkerchief project?

    The only thing I’m not sure about is *what* you would use to mark the material. I’ve used pencils and pens tp mark up material for patterns in the past, but I don’t know that you would want to use a pen for a handkerchief. I guess you could ‘test mark’ an area of one handkerchief and then wash it to see whether there would be any residual staining on the material.

    ANYWAY. I think this little guy came out really cute and I can’t wait to see your next project! :-)

  2. The funny thing — I did mark it out in pencil. The eye just had a predisposition to gimp I guess. It isn’t very easy to stitch in a circle, or at least the type of stitch I was doing. The mound of the stitch could lean inside or outside and I tried to encourage it to lead the same way it had for the other eye, but it had other ideas.

    I am not worried about penciling my handkerchief because I got them four for five bucks in what appeared to be the perspiring gospel choir section of Burlington Coat Factory.

  3. >>The funny thing — I did mark it out in pencil.

    *giggles*!! Okay, well then yes it was just destined to be gimpy! I still think he looks super cute, even with the gimpiness. What type of stitch are you using, by the way? I don’t know a lot about different types of stitches. :)

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