Owl again


I embroidered the owl onto some cloth and then that onto some felt. I put some magnets on the back, but it would probably only look nice on a dark colored fridge which I don’t have. Not sure if I want to do any more of those. Might make little pouches using the cloth and embroidery similarly. Anyway, I loved the colors so I don’t mind having it around even if it is completely without function.

2 thoughts on “Owl again

  1. I like your work. But I have to say that I got distracted by that oval thing on the right side of the picture. What is that? I don’t know what it is , but I like it.

  2. It is actually a round piece of glazed pottery that a roommate bought when she was abroad (Hm. Can’t remember what continent she was visiting at the time, but it seems South American or island stuff.) It has a place for a hook so that it could be hung on the wall, but it works well as a drink coaster too. She gave all of the roommates one so when we lived together they hung on the wall together, but now that I live by myself I use it as a coaster. I think the orange looks very nice next to the reddish/orange tinted wood of my trunk.

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