There were ducks outside my window today and I took a photo! There is a stream just past the tree line where there is a drop off. The ducks came up from there and then after about fifteen minutes made their way back down. They were pretty hot and mouth breathing. I’ve seen bunnies out there before and never any cats so I think it might be a safe place for the woodland creatures. There is also a robins nest up in the trees right where I can see from my couch too. Who says you can’t live in a city and see nature! You can also see Carpetland and an autoparts place, but whatever.




I am starting work on my first quilt. My sewing skills are non-existent, but I figure it can only improve from here. I actually enjoy assembling the blocks. It is the cutting of the blocks that I loath. I know I should get a mat and a cutter, but I don’t want to invest if quilting turns out to not be my thing.