I am starting work on my first quilt. My sewing skills are non-existent, but I figure it can only improve from here. I actually enjoy assembling the blocks. It is the cutting of the blocks that I loath. I know I should get a mat and a cutter, but I don’t want to invest if quilting turns out to not be my thing.


4 thoughts on “Quilt

  1. Your quilt looks nice so far! My mom one day told me about the mat and cutter..etc. I thought she was just “out there” going way overboard with her crafting and sewing. Then a couple weeks later, I was sewing with a friend, and she had one and was cutting with it. Boy, was it cool. So I decided to invest in one and now.. I use it for Everything. and I don’t even quilt. :)

  2. It looks pretty! How are you going to back it, do you know yet? For me the quilting part is the hardest and is what holds me up forever.

    Holy hard doing it all by hand though, good for you!

  3. My entire quilting experience until now was a church women’s group when I was little where I’d sew squares together with the old ladies (and was a bit ashamed of my grubby fingers and bad stitches). I don’t have any experience with backing or finishing a quilt. I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it. :D Do you have any suggestions?

    I checked out mats at the store and a good sized one was 20$. A bit out of my price range at the moment, but I can see how it would be an asset should I decide I am committed to a few more quilts.

  4. It depends if you’re going to try to quilt it – as in stitch lines – or if you’re planning on tying it? Since it is squares, tying might be the way to go. And if you do THAT then a polar fleece backing is very nice, and that means then that you don’t need fill and a back, as fleece is both in one. I did my first quilt that way and it is very cozy. (except I quilted it and since the fleece is stretchy I couldn’t do it on my machine and ended up having to take it to a store and did it on their big rack with machine. But it worked out well.)

    I SO want to get together with you and play now!

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