Catch up.

It has been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy, but mostly just too lazy to hook up the camera so I could get pictures off it. Heh.

An update on the quilt…


The blocks are just all lined up now and I swear there is more blue in it. For some reason I didn’t notice how I had arranged things when I took the picture. Anyway, I have fifteen or so blocks now. I think I am going to ditch some of the earlier blocks that were really bad. So those bits with white are going to be gone.


I got some potted plants out on my cement back porch. I have a nice, if boring pansy a lady at work gave me and I inherited this canna plant from the surplus my mom had. It is going to look like corn with a shameless red flower on it when all is said and done. I love my alien plans.


We had a storm system blow through yesterday and I took a picture of my poor potted plants. After it calmed down a bit I went out with a cup an got a lot of the water out. Then a another burst of rain hit and I just gave up. They are still alive and well this morning so I guess everything is fine.


2 thoughts on “Catch up.

  1. I really did have to go out with a cup and bail water. Poor little plants. The cannas are doing ok today since they like water (though not quite that much), but the pansy pot is disgusted at me I think. I can hardly look at it. :)

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