Time to empty the camera

Here are a few things collecting dust on my camera.

First, Mr Raccoon, aka The Daylight Robber comes around every day at about 6:30 PM looking for seeds. I’ve stopped putting them out because he needs to learn not to be out and fearless in the broad daylight. Plus we have small dogs around here and I’d hate to have contributed to the local raccoon population.

Owl Key fob
I bought a key fob on Etsy.com from Black Bags. I love it! Owls.

Here is the quilt so far. I think I’ll make a small quilt. Heh. I like it, but I am a little fearful in the next steps. This is as far as I went as a kid so I am going to have to read up on what to do next. Any good sites online you’d recommend?


6 thoughts on “Time to empty the camera

  1. raccoon: Maybe you should put up a “Please Wait To Be Seated” sign…

    owls: needs to come with cuteness warning

    quilt: I like it!

    Hey… how do I get my blog pictures bigger — like yours? I tried a while back to figure it out, but haven’t so far.

  2. View a picture in Flickr and at the top menu there click “all sizes”. When you select a new size it gives you code for that size that you can just copy and paste into your blog where you want it.

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