I’m moving.

Well, not quite yet, but last year when I moved into this apartment I did up a couple designs for “I’m moving” postcards. I am continuing with that tradition and have another design up. I plan on making a number more. This current one is a storybook themed card. My next one I hope will have robots. To check out my other designs visit my cafepress shop here.


Finger Food Friday

Well, I have my plan for Finger Food Friday at work. Savoury Afternoon Tea Quiches. One is goat cheese and tomato and the other is ham and aged cheddar. I expect everything to go wrong, but I bring the carbon remains of my cooking as to at least prove my efforts. While I have you, what is “single cream”?

I’ve been looking through Etsy.com. I think I need to make more pebble buttons. Now. While I feel creative and stuff. And it isn’t so hot out that all I want to do is lay around all Saturday in hardly any clothes wondering why it is already almost 9pm.

Giant Spider

I found this giant spider outside my porch door while I was filling my bird feeder. Notice its size in comparison to the siding. I guess my only consolation is that it is too big to slide into a crack and get into my apartment. I hope.

I’ve not done a lot of crafts lately. I have mostly been in various stages of ick. Migraines and high humidity/heat doesn’t set me in a good mood to do much of anything. I’ve been working my way through season one and two of HBO’s Rome. Probably my favorite show since the new Battlestar Galactica came out. Quite similar actually. I’ve also been reading a lot of Jasper Fforde books. I’ve started his Nursery Crime series and it is good if not better than Thursday Next.

I have intentions in finishing my quilt. A while back (quite a while actually) I borrowed an iron and I was planning on trimming my blocks to a relatively equal size, ironing them, and sewing them together. None of that seems thrilling in this heat through. Maybe this will be a fall project. I am all geared up to make more pebble magnets and that isn’t effect by the heat.