Pincusion leaf


Since I thought the Bulls would not be televised in my area I turned the radio and had a nice evening of crafting. When the game was over I turned off the radio (online radio, this isn’t the 1980s after all) and turned on the tv just to see the channel that wasn’t going to be showing the game actually had. So I actually had the tube off today and ruined any chance at accidentally finding the game on those two hours. I did end up with a nice leaf though.


Isn’t it the cutest?  Just two properly cut pieces of quilt stitched together and stuffed with cotton balls.  Finish it of with some stitching for the leaf veins and a ribbon on the end of it. The ribbon I used was little leaves and acorns I got in the Target dollar section.


I moved.


But first I want to show this picture of my canna plant that finally bloomed.  Doesn’t it look like corn with a horribly shameless red flower on top.  Yes.  It is awesome.

I moved into my new apartment.  It is twice the size of the old one for the same price, not so moldy and wet, and most importantly – no domestic violence couple upstairs!  I can’t help but have a ridiculous grin on my face from time to time.  Why didn’t I start out here?  Why does ‘live and learn’ apply to me so often.  I don’t want to live and learn.  I want to do things right the first time and circumvent all this suffering.

I started up my crafting again.  I have floorspace so I might actually finish that illusive quilt…uh small lap throw. I’ve been making a boatload of pebble magnets too.  And I have this idea for a felt leaf pin cushion as well.  And other thing more secretive.  :)