I moved.


But first I want to show this picture of my canna plant that finally bloomed.  Doesn’t it look like corn with a horribly shameless red flower on top.  Yes.  It is awesome.

I moved into my new apartment.  It is twice the size of the old one for the same price, not so moldy and wet, and most importantly – no domestic violence couple upstairs!  I can’t help but have a ridiculous grin on my face from time to time.  Why didn’t I start out here?  Why does ‘live and learn’ apply to me so often.  I don’t want to live and learn.  I want to do things right the first time and circumvent all this suffering.

I started up my crafting again.  I have floorspace so I might actually finish that illusive quilt…uh small lap throw. I’ve been making a boatload of pebble magnets too.  And I have this idea for a felt leaf pin cushion as well.  And other thing more secretive.  :)


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