Christmas Countdown

I have not gone lax in my crafting. I just don’t think it is safe to post things since most of them are going to be Christmas presents and the recipients might run across it and be spoiled. So instead of what I’ve done I am going to post about what I have slated as next.

1. Visor/Brimmed Beanie – You’ve probably seen them and didn’t realize it. This is what I am talking about. Or maybe this, not sure which way I want to go with it. I am still looking for the perfect one, but I can settle on almost perfect should I come across it.

2. Finish that darn quilt. I am in my new apartment now so I have the space to do it. It is the will power I am currently lacking.

3. Wrap all those presents. Ok, so it isn’t really crafty, but I am a horrible wrapper and each year I try to fix one problem area. Should have it all sorted out in about 20 years then.




A nice pink/brown/green yarn in star stitch.


Here is a lions brand orange homespun scarf. I think if I use my larger hook the next one will look a lot better.


And here is a grey, hopefully masculinely ribbed scarf.


As you can see I seem to be in a scarf mood. I can do one a night so it isn’t a big deal and Christmas is coming after all.


I got a lot done on my day off.

I clipped my canna plant and drug the pot into storage.  *fist pump* I took out the trash. Last night I vacuumed and put things away. Balanced my bank account (two months behind!) . I baked some eggplant too long and ruined dinner. I got a lot done on my new lap throw.  Got educated watching PBS gardening and cooking and traveling shows while crocheting.  I am doing a star stitch and it is looking pretty good, by my standards.  Pictures maybe. After I bought my skirt the took it off of the site.  I hope they have enough fabric to make mine. I finished a book.  Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff.  It was ok I guess.  Not really as impressive as I had hoped.