Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is going to be at a restored mansion and likely formal wear so I am planning ahead. I found this fantastic a-line Bette Skirt in Wool that I want to wear with some kind of black top. And it will certainly be unique since apparently it is made to order. Take that Macy’s! I could get something for that much from you and have it be ill-fitting and common. *snort* I’ll probably end up ordering it in the next few days so I can spend time looking for a black shirt to match it as well as boots! I never dress up so I feel like this one time I can enjoy it since it is rare. But before I order anything I want to make sure, one more time, that we are for sure having a formal party. I fear that it might turn into something ridiculous like a bar crawl.

Edit:  Looks like that link isn’t working anymore and I can’t find it on a search for that site.  Maybe I got the last one!  If you really want to see it I found a review and picture of it here.


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