Learning Stage


I don’t really like how the fabric/glue/card stock thing worked out. I might have to make it out of fancy paper. I cut out the birds, cut out the fabric, ironed fabric, glued them together, and stuck them on the wall. I’d like to have them on the wall with some wire hanging in front of them like telephone lines. Anyway, I think I need to a) work on better bird drawings b) find a better medium and c) find some wire or something more flexible.


New project.

I am planning on using up some of my fabric on a new project.  Have you seen all of those wall decals out there?  I am not too keen on putting stickers on my wall since I did it as a kid with the 1992 NBA Dream Team stickers and learned that plaster with those sharp things covering the surface dents anything you stick to it.  The walls I have right now would do the same likely.  Well, I have some thin cardboard and I thought if I found a non-bubbly way of getting the fabric on there I could have my own wall art.   The fabric could make things more interesting than just a solid color.  I think I have everything I need except the adhesive.  Will Elmer’s work for something like this?