New Bedspread. New Bento.




I ordered a new bedspread from urban outfitters for the summer.  As you can see, it rocks.  Yes.  I also got my bento order in from Ichiban Kan.  This isn’t all of it.  I got a second bento that had food in it and stuff so I didn’t photograph it.  Everyone at work thought it was adorable.  And it is.  I have yet to try out the egg molds, but when I do, and am successful, I’ll add it to the blog.


New Bed!

New Bed

I bought my first brand new bed last week and it came Friday night. I got it on sale so it wasn’t quite as bad as all that. And it came with free bedding. The bedding is very wintery so I put in an order at urban outfitters for something a little less formal. More pictures inside my photostream.

Bento purchase!

Ichiban Kan opened up their online store and I can finally get an egg mold that isn’t being HORRIBLY OVER PRICED on ebay by bento scalpers. Anyway, here is what I got. I was having trouble with the order form and somehow my fish shaped sauce bottles dropped off the list….ah well. Just look at those prices? I can still be happy with my purchase regardless.