Catching up.

A bit has happened. And when I say a bit I mean my apartment flooded the Sunday after Valentines Day, I slept on a couch for a month, had to find a new apartment, and my car had numerous repairs. Not fun, but I guess the good news is that the new apartment is fantastic and the car is on the mend.

stripy throw
I am 3/4 of the way done crocheting a stripy throw to match my pillows.

I'm Moving
Third time I’ve moved in two years and the third "I’m Moving" postcard I’ve made. I send them to friends and relatives to announce my address change. This time I had to move because of flooding so I picked a water theme. I also threw in a LOST ref, but why not?

100 Men Who Cook
Here is a non profit piece I worked on recently. It was a save the date postcard for a fundraiser supporting The Literacy Council. Chefs of all skill levels are invited to cook their specialties and people pay to graze. And there is a cookbook and invitations I did too. My inspiration was Alfred Hitchcock meets the french chef.

A few things on my bookshelf. The vase fans and old school radio were my Great Grandmothers on my Mum’s side. The card was the last Birthday card I got from my Grandma on my Dad’s side.

Top of Bookshelf
Pine cones from college. Mum’s bird. And a few felt pincushions I made. A leaf and a house

1930s Farmouse Table
My 1930s Farmhouse table is magnetic so I stuck some pebble magnets that I made as well as some yarn on there.

Just marking the dates of my vacation.


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