Felt Softies



My first felt softies! Very simple to make. I bought some felt from Hobby Lobby and JoAnne’s. I had some left over embroidery floss. I saw a cute softie online that looked easy so I thought I’d start off with that (since what I started off trying to make was too hard and is half dead and under the table right now). I eyeballed the shape and cut it out. Cut out the “screen” and sewed the blue on from the back. I sewed the heart on and then the eyes and sewed it all together, reversed it, stuffed it, and bam. Done. Then I realized it was a little bigger than what I had wanted so I made another smaller one which went sooo much faster. I think I’ll have them on my desk at work as forlorn little observers. Next ones I make will be of my own design. And perhaps food related. Now that I know while it is quite easy to do it is also quite easy to make it hard by being overly ambitious. I have a half-made robot on the floor right now that was so ill conceived I might not ever finish it.


Egg Molds

Egg mold

This was from a while back, but my laptop was MIA for a month. Anyway, I bought these egg molds for my lunches and first time using it and everything worked. While the boiled eggs are still warm shell them and put them into the shape press. Throw that into the fridge and ten minutes later the warm eggs have cooled into the cute shapes.