More pebble magnets



I had a fit of creativity (and some inspiring source material) so I made a bunch of pebble magnets. And I mean a bunch since I bought 50-some magnet backs and need to go back for more. Yikes! Once I am done finishing them off I am going to look and see what colors and images would go well together and put them into little ziplock baggies so I can give them out as gifts throughout the year.


4 thoughts on “More pebble magnets

  1. It is quite easy. Find a bag of glass pebbles from a craft store or Target (in the home decorating section…they use them as filler in vases or in fish tanks) or Walmart (in the craft section I believe). Make sure they are the clear ones and they have a flat side to them and not the round marbles they might be in the same part of the store. There are small pebbles and large ones. It is fun to buy some of both to mix and match when you make your sets.

    Once you got that secured find some source material. Magazines, art books in the $5 section of Borders, etc. Print outs and newspaper don’t work as well since the ink tends to bleed. I like to made sets of 3-5 pebbles so it is nice to find complementary colors or a single source material to pull them all from.

    Once you have your source materials, select a pebble (make sure what you pick doesn’t have cracks or cloudiness) and move it around the page like a view finder until you find something interesting revealed. Outline the pebble with a pencil and cut that circle out. Keep that cutout with that individual pebble because each pebble is a little different and you want them to generally match.

    Once you have a bunch paired off and ready to go get some Elmer’s Glue or a kind of glue that dries clear. Lay the paper circle on your palm image side up and place a drop of glue on the center of it. You don’t want to super saturate the paper. A tiny drop will do. Adjust as you see fit. Place the flat side of the pebble down on that glue drop and try to line up whatever oblong shape it might be to your cutout. Press down really hard against your palm for around 20-30 seconds. Once it is in place flip it over and use your thumbs to press out any extra glue bubbles and make sure it has been evenly distributed. Some might squirt that out the side that’s ok. If a little bit of glue film dries on the glass you can use your nail to scrape it off later. You can kinda see through the glass to see if there is any trapped glue in there to untrap. Once you are satisfied set that aside to dry and do the rest of them.

    At craft stores or Walmart etc you can find dime-ish sized magnets for sale. Usually $6 for 50+ of them. Get some of those and use a drop of glue on the back of your dried pebble. If you are doing a bunch at once make sure you set them at least five inches apart from each other to dry because the magnets will want to hook up with their neighbors and they will slide with the wet glue and dry uncentered. Check them a few minutes after you lay them out to make sure an opportunistic on didn’t do just that. Usually one wants to wander off the pebble.

    That really is the long and short of it. It is extremely easy and you don’t have to be terribly artistic to pull it off. Just taking some effort to making sets of them and getting some color or theme coordination goes a long way to making them look good.

  2. Hi Hilary, I just found your blog! I read your FB update re: neighborhood woes (which reminded me of my apartment when I was in Oregon–I lived next door to a known drug house on one side and a couple of losers who played truck tug-o-war late at night on the other). “Where is she living?” I wondered, and I found this link in your info. Nice job! You’re such a good writer and I love your observations.

    I make these magnets *all the time.* I saw instructions for how to make them in Bust magazine about 6 years ago. So much fun. Sometimes I let my students make them if we have a half day and not much else going on, and they have a blast.

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