Bad weather

Tree limb down

Ever since I moved to this most recent apartment I have been watchful of the weather. Not because of flooding for once. No, I have been worried about the neighbor’s tree that hangs over the area I am supposed to park. It is a very old tree with a large, tall trunk and trunk sized branches angling out from the top and over our parking spots. There is evidence of other limbs removed at some point. Lots of dead branches and other evidence of sickness.

Yesterday we got 4-5″ of rain in about an hour. Most people were probably worried about flooding of course. I was grabbing my stuff to go drive to my book club when I heard a big crack and crunch sound from outside. The first thing I thought of was where I parked and how lazy I had been. I usually park in the farther lot during bad weather just in case the tree should go down. This time I was only home for an hour between work and book club and went with the closer parking spot.

I guess everyone in the apartment had the same thought as me because we all ran out there (I saw way more of my neighbor than I ever wanted to…upper male nudity…yesh!) and as you can see from the picture above the branch went to the side and on to a shed instead of on our cars. I took the picture the next morning so they had moved the portion off of the building at that point. Of course looking at the tree now the next branch to logically go is the one right over our cars. Boo.

Before all of that happened I took a picture of the rain. Just as I was clicking I thought I saw something on the ground. When I zoomed in I saw I somehow caught a squirrel running for cover from the rain. Huh.

Squirrel in the rain storm


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