Baby Shower / Rabbit Softie

We had the big baby shower at work today. Four babies from four couples. And since the office is only 20 people or so large it was quite the boom. As soon as I found out gifts were going to happen (arg) I put in an order for a bunch of Gyo Fujikawa childrens books and planned on that as well as making everyone a softie. Well, the softie thing ran out of steam. I have just been way too tired in the evenings for some reason. Anyway, I made one and I am going to keep it, darnnit. I managed to mess it up in a few noticeable to me ways so it isn’t quite up to gift level yet.

Rabbit Softie

Rabbit Softie

You can find the free pattern here:

Her not free stuff looks pretty good too. One step at a time though.

Here are those baby shower prezzies I promised. I bought the wrapping paper at Borders and I had the ribbon stashed away. The rolls I bought on sale once were actually just a little longer than bookmarks (those sneaks!) so I tied them into bows and just glued them in place. It worked really well as an “invisible” ribbon.

Baby Shower


2 thoughts on “Baby Shower / Rabbit Softie

    • I’ll have to give it to you as a gift since it wasn’t my own design. Some day I’ll design my own and sell them maybe. I am going to make smaller ones in the future. The stuffing for that nearly cleared me out.

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