Who would have thunk?

At lunch a few days ago a bunch of us were walking back to work from a restaurant when we saw that a trash bin near our parking lot caught fire and the fire truck was there as well as some residents at the nearby lofts. Actually, we smelled the burning trash before we saw it. Ew. When I was leaving for the day I went back into the ally to find that the trash bin was melted to the pavement. Melted! It was made of metal? It probably wasn’t a really heavy, strong metal, but still. Someone must have used an accelerent to get that kind of heat going. I took some pictures the next morning. Someone put new trash in the husk of the old bin. That amused me for some reason. Taking the picture then turn out to be good thinking because today they had scraped it off the ground and put a new one up.

Melting trash bin

Melted trash bin


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