The View From Here

Here are some scenes from my daily (ok, 4 times a week) walk.

The Booby Statues. Actually, I don’t know what they are called. I just think they should cover up a little.

Ducks crossing a railroad track
Ducks crossing the railroad track. They’ve done this every time I’ve gone on a walk.

Ducks going into the water.
The ducks finished their little trek by hopping ledge to ledge down to the water.

Attack Birds
There is no uncertainty there, huh.

Wild flowers
Local flowers.

Forest City Queen
The Forest City Queen giving a tour of the Rock River.

Flowers and Pond
Some flowers with temple things and a swampy pond. People like it though. I always see bunches of people walking around the paths there.

Big Red
The big ugly red thing everyone else loves.

A random pop machine. Even people who are trying to be good and work out get this extra temptation.


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