Door County


I just got back from vacation with the parents in Door County Wisconsin. There were some fun moments, but most of all I figured out that when you look young for your age AND you are vacationing with your parents … people assume you are a teenager and will treat you as such. POO! At least when I went vacationing with my sister (also young looking) people thought we were adventuresome 18 year olds. Anyway…here are some pictures. Mostly of animals. Sorry, but pictures of me looked horrible and I’ve never met an ostrich that had a bad hair day.

There was an exotic animal farm on Washington Island. If you take the guided tour it is stop number one I believe. I also ate a stick of ostrich jerky too. Yum yum.





See what I bought at Door County | Goats of Door County!


3 thoughts on “Door County

  1. They go for anything shiny. They were looking at it and would seem alternately want to eat it or worship it. They also pecked her head twice.

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