More Streets and Roads.

I absolutely loved this book when I was little. My mom read it when she was a kid and her grandmother gave it to her when she moved from her farm into town. I remember the pictures the most. Both charming and wicked at the same time. I found this copy at an antique store today. I had looked at some on ebay but it seemed like such a silly thing to pursue that aggressively. This one fell into my possession. Victory! I also liked “Streets and Roads” which I remember having “Dick and Jane” type stories. Unfortunately I did not see that one there. The hunt continues.

More Streets and Roads

More Streets and Roads

More Streets and Roads


5 thoughts on “More Streets and Roads.

  1. …Edit: it was when the other grandma moved from the farm…

    Wish I knew which box upstairs has my copy in it…I want to read it again!!

  2. Your blog was listed when I googled this book title. I am searching for the basal reader that has a certain fairy tale at the end. It is about 3 brothers, each of whom had a special ability. I believe one could see far, one had extraordinary hearing, etc. I have “Streets and Roads” 3-1, which has 8 fairy tales in unit V, so I think the story I remember might be in 3-2. Can you look for me? Thanks, Nancy in Louisiana

    • I checked my book and it does have the story you are looking for. I don’t have a scanner but I can try taking photos for you if you are interested in seeing the text and illustrations for that story.

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