Recent drawing.


I’ve been playing around with my tablet and the Corel Painter XI. I’ve been progressively getting better. I think. The one above is the one I did tonight. The one below from last night. The one from two nights ago…not showing that. It has been ages since I’ve drawn anything properly by hand with or without my tablet. Sometimes I wonder what I’d be like if I just kept up with something. Amateur at everything, excellent at nothing. I think my only true proficiency is the ability to put enough time into something to be “ok” at it. Fortunately, I can apply that talent to anything. Want me to be ok at botany, preparing risotto, basic large animal care, the rise and fall of the Inca Empire…sure!



4 thoughts on “Recent drawing.

  1. Cute faces! Nice clothing… I really like the clothes. It’ll come back to you fast. I remember finding a crinkled piece of paper on your floor and finding an awesome piece of art on the other side. Your reject is still hanging on my wall. I can see it from here. :)

  2. laura – I did a lot of drawing and painting back in high school and early college so I know it is there in me some where. The tablet thing just takes good initial calibration to your personal touch and lots of practice. I am still in the “hesitation strokes” phase. What I want to do is be able to draw as well as the image in my header. One day!

    Jillian – I’m going to keep trying. I hate “knowing” I should be able to do better.

  3. It’s more than in there somewhere. But as a wanna-be artist myself, I understand the tendency to be very self-critical. I know I am with any of my work.

    You’ve inspired me – I’m going all tablet, all day today. =)

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