Morgaine Anjhurin

I read around 1,000 pages over the holiday. I had put off reading a particular series that C.J. Cherryh wrote and am not really sure why. I came upon them in used bookstores and just put them on the shelf with the others and didn’t look at them too closely. She was writing other series I was into and, well, the covers looked suspect and they were written for the most part in the 1970s. Reason enough to put off. A while back Dad was begging for more reading material so when I visited him I gave him The Book of Morgaine (aka The Morgaine Saga)to read. I remember seeing him later on and noticing him snub TV in order to get a few more pages in. He read it really fast and made me go out to find the 4th book I just happened upon by chance a short while later. So of course I start reading them and immediately start losing sleep by reading huge chunks of it late into the night. I finished today and in tribute I drew a picture of Morgaine. She’d be a time lord in another series, although she handles her conquering and companions better than current time lords are doing. *cough*


5 thoughts on “Morgaine Anjhurin

  1. Art therapy? I say it does take the edge off slightly. I didn’t feel comfortable with fanfic (or at least have not stooped so low yet…the years of no new stories will take its toll). The books are kind of like the Key to Time series and could conceivably go on forever in that Doctor Who fashion. So why not… 0_0

    Also, that book I am having you look for is actually one of those “choose your own adventure” books. I think. It is shrouded in mystery.

  2. Yeah, this was the tablet again. I started off using a simple pencil tool set to a shade lighter than black (to get it to be most pencil like) and on a layer I sketched out the general shape and then came back around and actually formed the features (erasing the original shapes that are no longer needed) using smoother strokes. Then I opened up a layer under the pencil drawing and started off by inking in a base fill for each area (a flat skin color for the skin, a flat grey for the armor etc) and then on a layer on top of that one (yet still under the line drawing) I pick out different brushes and paint details over it using shades lighter and darker than the flat base color. When all that is done I go one more pass over it doing the highlight accents here and there. I am afraid I started to get fatigued by the time I was painting it so that bit got sloppy. Maybe tonight I’ll try to do one where I try to take the coloring more seriously.

  3. I haven’t tried using layers yet, which is silly because I use layers all the time with my photography work.

    Thanks for all the details about your process. More stuff for me to try to emulate!

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