Picture of my sister…

Back in 1985 my sister got Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie for her birthday and I got Ken. Only to find out it was all a lie when, years later, we unearthed a picture showing my sister holding Ken and ME holding Barbie. She looked really upset in the picture and was looking fixedly on what was in my hands. Sometime after the picture was taken she convinced me that I had gotten Ken and until I was in high school I believed her. I thought I’d commemorate The Truth with a drawing. Sorry, Sis. You did get to spend quality years with her.


4 thoughts on “Picture of my sister…

  1. I dunno. I would have liked that Ken. He’s adorable. P’n’C Ken was wearing pink! :) haha.

    I like the eyes and the expression! haha!

    AND Ken’s expression is the best.

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