Another Year, Another List of Unrealistic Creative Projects

I would give myself a C when it comes to all of my creative goals in resent years. Not this year though! I am a bundle of energy. Mostly because when I am feeling down my instinct is to go make something. It has always been that way (a graph of my most productive periods would mirror a graph of adversity) and so far 2010 both sucks and blows. Anyway, strike when the iron is hot as they say. Here are a few things I want to do in the next few months:

  • Launch my personal website again. I’ve already made a site map and have some creative thought out. Hopefully I’ll turn out to be a good client. Heh.
  • Finish that painting project I never got to — even if it ends up sucking. I think I just left it blank because I’ve been afraid I’ll screw it up. No more of that.
  • Quilt. I started one a few years ago and while I liked the colors my technique was very bad and it got to the point it would never become a proper quilt. Start a proper quilt, do all of the measurements right, cut the squares out right, sew them together right…this might mean buying the proper equipment too. Making due with what I had laying around was part of what screwed the first one up.

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