Here is something interesting to scifi fans with a taste for ebooks.

CJ Cherryh is one of my favorite authors and recently she has been putting ebooks of some of her out of print novels up for sale on her website. She has written a lot over the years, but only her most recent titles such as the Foreigner series (#10: Conspirator came out last spring) as well as a sequel to the Cyteen called Regenesis are on store shelves still so this is a great chance for fans to have more within their grasp. One of my problems with ebooks / Kindle and my reading has been the general lack of scifi options at the Kindle store. There seems to be a lot of other stuff, but genre stuff is still sporadic at best. If you are looking to add some scifi ebooks to your catalog these are affordable. The download you get when you buy a book includes all kinds of formats so they’ll work on Kindle, Sony, Nook, iPod Touch with the Kindle ap and any other common reader. You also get file types like a common PDF so you could read them right on your computer too if you are without an ebook reader or prefer it that way.

So check them out! Also check out her awesome blog where she talks about her life, recent ventures into ebooks, and occasional updates on her current writing. Sounds like there will be more Bren and the Foreigner books out soon.


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