Make them laugh.

Usually when people call me over to their computer to see a “funny clip” they found on YouTube  have to give myself a pep talk on the way over just to get myself to fake-laugh at whatever will be inflicted upon me. I just don’t find most American humor funny. At all. Think of any Will Ferrell film. Awful. Saturday Night Live. Blah. Charlie Sheen? You have to be kidding me. I am not even going to get into “romantic comedy” or the epic unfunny that is Jay Leno.

I am not exactly sure where I went wrong. The only red flag I have found is that my parents let me watch Monty Python and Are You Being Served like other children watched Barney at a young age. However it happened, here is a rundown of what I do find funny:

  1. Spaced
  2. The IT Crowd (available online for your Netflix instant queue)
  3. Better Off Ted (the only American show of the bunch…and it gets horrible ratings and will be canceled because Americans prefer The Biggest Loser apparently.)
  4. Black Books
  5. Wes Anderson movies

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