Moon (2009)

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I netflixed Moon Saturday night. What a terrific movie. It’s the anti-Avatar. *spit* Finally, a good story (felt like scifi lit), classic special effects (seriously, the guy who modeled the Nostromo from Alien did the models for it), brilliant acting (Sam Rockwell), and it even saw to my spacesuit kink. I loved the set they used and even with an indie budget it looked excellent. I used five Kleenexes. I don’t think other people would, but it won me over that much. It is like the difference between Alien and Aliens.

Too bad it got such a limited theatrical release. I have to start living somewhere with a proper art scene. Instead of this biggest-small-minded-city in the country. Oh, and if you rent it be sure to watch all of the special features.

If you want a list of other movies better than Avatar go here.


2 thoughts on “Moon (2009)

  1. Don’t let me hold you back in the thumbing of the nose.

    If you do watch Moon make sure you are sitting up and drinking coffee. I know how you are.

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