Joan Jett (by Todd Oldham)

I’ve been in the midst of Jetthead mania the last few weeks with the movie coming out, the Best Of album, and now this photo biography. I love the biography. It is a full colored hard back with short, written impressions from Jett and those who know her going through her early childhood, time with the Runaways, and of course with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and later as producer for other up coming bands (Girl in a Coma is my favorite they’ve signed). The actual text isn’t anything you can’t figure out with a day online with Google, though what it does highlight is interesting enough. I found the photos even more compelling though. Jett has always been extremely photogenic, but these photos range from behind the scenes shots from the California music scene to personal photos and concert photos. Somehow between the dozens of different photographers and over twenty years of material it all holds together well. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

4 thoughts on “Joan Jett (by Todd Oldham)

  1. I love the outfit in the bottom photo, even just with just the little I can see. Totally stealing that for possible future character concepts.

  2. This book is a goldmine for that. Seriously. Her body language and style and just the bridge she was between the ’70s and ’80s fashion is very well documented here. I think there are a few others you might like. I don’t have a working scanner (no Win7 drivers for it…grrr) but I can take a few photos. This book is definitely sitting next to all of my art books now. Not sure if it will make it to library’s, but definitely check it out in a Borders or something if they have it. Worth the $20 some bucks it costs.

  3. Wow, I’ll have to pick this book up. As a longtime fan, I’m thrilled with the “Runaways” film getting Joan Jett some press. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Sounds like a good time to me.

  4. It does seem like there has been some kind of resurgence going on. I’d suggest picking up the book sooner rather than later. I am not sure what the print run was for it, but as someone who has a collection of art books I’ve found waiting usually ends with you prowling ebay and getting it for triple the cost. I went to two book stores in two different cities and they were sold out so I had to get mine from Amazon (which I hate doing because their packaging dings the corners of hardbacks more often than not).

    The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame shouldn’t be out of the question, but it is such a political crap chute. Still, you’d think someone with the hits she has and such a long career and constant touring there would be a chance.

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