I ate some of these for lunch today.

I’ve watched too much Anthony Bourdain. Still, I thought the octopus tasted fine and had zero texture problems with it. The over-cooked, little tips of the tentacles tasted just like the crispy bits of chicken.


4 thoughts on “I ate some of these for lunch today.

  1. YIKES! I applaud you for being able to eat them! I had my first run with some grilled octopus last weekend and actually thought it was amazing! Not rubbery at all like calamari steaks!

  2. Y’know, everyone said it would be rubbery, but it took maybe a few extra chews than normal. Nothing too terrifying. People who had it before said it was prepared very well so perhaps I got lucky on my first go. I’ve had worse fits with gristly meat when it comes to unsuccessful chewing than this. Now only if they didn’t look so frightening. The server forgot our silverware for the longest time so I had to stare the poor things down longer than I thought my nerves would hold out.

  3. Oh, but it was grilled and well seasoned. You would have liked it. The worst part was cutting the legs off it one by one to eat. My hand was shaking a little bit, but you know me and a challenge. Can’t turn it down! The cricket on a Triscuit I ate was waaay worse.

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