The Top Ten Songs in My Head

10. Come on, Feel the Illinoise – Sufjan Stevens (Wiki, Amazon, Facebook)
Despite all the things I hate about it, I really do love Illinois | I was going to put the John Wayne Gacy, Jr. song he did, but that song really messes me up | “Entrepreneurial” is a lyric. This is awesome!
Lyrics: Chicago, the New Age, but what would Frank Lloyd Wright say?/Oh Columbia!

9. Best Day – Carpark North (Official, Amazon, Myspace)
2:07 mark. really. good. | Why aren’t these guys more popular. | Seriously. It is in English. Why aren’t they a hit here?
Lyrics: I’ve tasted the apple for the first time/and it tasted good, real good

8. Kids – MGMT (Official, Amazon, Facebook)
There is a freak’n ukulele cover. For reals. | Is it selling out to like this band? The internets are judgmental about them. Why?
Lyrics: Control yourself./Take only what you need from it./A family of trees wantin’,/To be haunted.

7. Shout – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Official, Amazon, Runaways)
Rock Goddess indeed. Watch the whole thing. How can’t you love her? | This is probably my favorite next to her staring the crowd down in this other clip at around 46 second mark. Wow. | She gave this show a couple weeks before I was born. No fair!
Lyrics: I want you to know/I said I want you to know right now/Youve been good to me, baby/Better than Ive been to myself

6. Road Rage – Catatonia (Amazon, Facebook)
Lyrics: And if all you’ve got to do today is find peace of mind/Come here, you can take a piece of mine.

5. Human – Carpark North (Official, Amazon, Myspace)
Don’t watch this if you are freaked out by weird looking kids. | Da-da-DAH, duhduhDUH-da-da-da | I love how he sings Yeeeeah.
Lyrics: Yeah! You’re just human/Did you notice?/Damn right

4. No One Sleeps While I’m Awake – The Sounds (Live, Amazon, Facebook)
No one sleeps while I’m awake? Can you get anymore confident in that? | Best vocals since Cerys Matthews | Sweden continues to bring us awesome music. Watch out, Iceland. They’re gaining on you.
Lyrics: I’ve seen people losing all of their faith/before they knew what they were looking for/I swore I’d never ever do it again/till this day

3. The Girl’s Attractive – Diamond Nights (Myspace, Amazon, Facebook)
This live performance could have been done in the 1970s…and I should know since I’ve been watching waaaay too many vids from the 1970s | Is that a shag I see? | Here’s another one I like with the same setup.
Lyrics: A hook ball and chain oh the girl got you captive/She looks good/The girl’s attractive

2. Fake Friends – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Official, Amazon, VH1 Bio)
Ok, so the video is a bit wack, but Joan is still frisky in it | Who hasn’t felt this way once twice, ten times? C’mon! | I just love how she sings “that was yesterday” around the 1:52 mark.
Lyrics: Ya go an tell ’em you were king of the hill/When ya need a hand – THAT WAS YESTERDAY/Ya see ’em laugh while you’re on your knees/An’ it breaks your heart ’cause ya gave so much/An’ ya can’t believe that ya hit the gound an’/Ya notice ya been losin’ friends

1. A More Perfect Union – Titus Andronicus (Official, Amazon, Facebook)
I love the distortion in their guitars and complimentary raspy vocals | He’s rockin’ a massive beard (and it doesn’t bother me for once!) | Union finally getting some loving
Lyrics: No, I never wanted to change the world, but I’m looking for a new New Jersey/Because tramps like us, baby, we were born to die


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