Awesome Flower Clock

My sister is moving out of state and trying to shed some weight along the way. She had this clock stored away and was meaning to fix it but never did. She gave it to me and I promptly hung it on my wall. It still doesn’t work, but none of  my clocks in my apartment are set anyway. I was really dyslexic as a child and as a result struggled with telling time on a clock like that for many years. I can do it now (it seriously makes my brain have a workout though), but I choose not to. Anyway, having a lot of disabled clocks on the wall is like a mounted bear head on the wall for a hunter. I conquer you, clock! You and all your time telling friends. >:[]


Goodwill Strikes Again

I rescued these two mugs from the Goodwill in town. Not sure if there is a story behind them, but they are labeled JAPAN on the bottom so it is likely after the war. Anyhow, I really liked the bolder colors with the lighter green leaves and I just love that style of handle. I have more than a few like that now.

Lost Christmas

I was a, um, superfan of Lost back in the day. For a number of years I’d hand draw my sister Lost themed cards featuring whatever the current theory was. My sister seems to have lost all of those, but here is one I did in Illustrator as more of an official Lost Christmas Card. It features a jungle scene with a polar bear but in the background you have a UFO, robot, and shark from the many theories that had been going around over the years.

If you are a fan or have a friend who is hopelessly Lost still visit my cafepress shop to buy some cards of your own.