Why I bought a Kindle

I was asked this elsewhere, but I thought I’d post it there too.

I’ve had a Kindle 2 since Dec. I love it. LOVE IT. I am pro-dedicated ereader. I don’t quite get iPad winning every battle “because it does more” since I have plenty of tech that can get on the internet. I am completely surrounded by it. I want something I can read a book on that is light, easy on the eyes (eInk), and small enough to fit into a stylish, med sized purse. And one I can curl up to and be decisively away from the internet and computers. I am on them all day at work, I don’t want to be near them when I am reading. My eyes certainly don’t need the added strain of the iPad screen and Kindle’s eInk can be read outside with no glare or anything. For me reading is still something pretty special, y’know? It is my way of escaping everything including twitter and email and the computer.

I was a lit major and books have always been just a step below god for me so I was skeptical about doing away with them. Part of what changed my tune was unexpectedly moving three times in 2.5 years due to flooding, bad neighbors, and changing jobs. I had so many books! Many I had only read once and realistically wouldn’t get around to in a very long time if that. Many I read as a teen that I actually didn’t like at all anymore. Certainly not enough to justify carting them around as much as I did over the years. And they smelled (not in a good way) and took up a ton of space. I also joined a book club where I was reading books I didn’t particularly like, yet couldn’t find at the library so I was forced to buy them. And then store them or try to find some other place for them and that can be a pain. Trouble they were not worth. I finally broke down and got my Kindle.

Things I discovered after buying a Kindle: I can read a lot faster. I don’t care what the studies of random people found, readers like me read faster on a Kindle. I read a lot more classics as many are free on the Amazon store or easily obtained on Project Gutenberg for free. I read most of Sherlock Holmes, Cranford, North & South, G.K. Chesterton stuff…it was a reading revolution for me. I also found one of my favorite authors has her own, self-run online store where she sells her backlisted books as ebooks (CJ Cherryh, if you are wondering), and other reasonably priced, hard to find books where money goes directly to the author. I put fan fiction on it for fun. It also has a very handy dictionary you can use while reading. I find when I am reading a paper book my thumb goes to the “button” to look a word up and I miss that feature.

For me I will likely always buy my very favorite authors in hardback if I can (or in the future, without books as we know them today, there will probably be print on demand hardbacks) but I am to the point where I don’t need to be another wing of the public library. I don’t need to carry everything with me through life. Or rather, I can carry a lot of it on my Kindle and have it not take up much space.

A few things people keep getting wrong about Kindles

  • You can put books on it that are not from the Amazon store. I hear the opposite all the time and it is completely false.
  • You can have more than one Kindle on the same account and share books between them. I think you can have upwards of six.
  • You can purchase books from other retailers for your Kindle. You don’t have to only shop the Amazon store. So you got your public domain books, other booksellers, authors selling from their own sites, and fan fiction that is either already converted for you from a ff community or convert them yourselves using calibre or http://fanfictionloader.appspot.com/

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