Not your average book cover

I’ve already started Christmas crafting. I’ve got friends who read manga so this seemed like the perfect gift. A cloth book cover that is sized for the average manga volume. Read your Manga of Questionable Quality out of the eye of the judgie-judge public. Or just make your manga pretty. Either way. I adapted it from a project in Zakka Sewing: 25 Japanese Projects for the Household.

It was fairly easy (started and finished in an afternoon/evening) and all the issues I had were based on me not having a good cutting area or a sewing machine. Things were not lining up right and I had to wrestle it into submission because of that, but I’ve been trying to get myself to a place where being less than perfect is OK…then I guess I am ok with it. I really need to buy a cutting mat and discover a flat surface in my apartment. Using my drafting table for a computer desk – NOT a good idea.  I also could have used some kind of thing between the two fabric (blue outside, orange inside) because you could kinda see through it unintentionally.


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