Attempt at Watercolor

I took a stab at watercolor last week after being very rusty at drawing or watercolor or brushes or sitting still doing one thing for an hour and this is what happened. Not horrible. Not good. Not very proportional even for a cartoon style. *sigh* I put this aside and will be starting a realistic portrait instead. See how that goes. Probably will be easier looking off of something instead of trying to make things up. I am so rusty.


2 thoughts on “Attempt at Watercolor

  1. Great style!
    I’m a southern Indiana artist and always glad to see artist from the midwest. There is not a lot of appreciation of the arts where I live, but things are changing slowly. Good luck with your art and career!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am embarrassingly rusty at painting, but I am working on it. :)

      The midwest has a lot more going for it than you might think. My art teacher back in the day has taken time off from teaching to do more painting herself. She has a website here:

      Some of the best, realistic watercolor you’ll see out there. You should check it out.

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