Watercolor: A little better?

I did this one tonight. I am still in the midst of my spacesuit kink as you can see. See, this is why we need to fund the space program. To support my love of all things spacesuit. This picture is nearly to size so it is quite small.

This time I was going for something a little more weightless, a little more actiony, a little more wiry. This time around I also got what the water wanted to do even though I still made mistakes because I am lacking in brush control and anticipating how much paint is loaded and stuff. I also was stupid and messed the mouth up, but I think I can go back in and fix that later. It felt so good just to spend a couple hours drawing and painting again. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could spend my days playing around with art. Sorta like what I was able to do the first 18 years of my life. Ah, what could of been. Even at the time I knew I would never get a chance to play like that again. I didn’t waste a moment when it came to art in my childhood. I think I’ve been wasting a lot these days though. Stupid adult responsibilities.


3 thoughts on “Watercolor: A little better?

  1. oh…wow…

    Did I ever tell you about my first watercolor? Just started a-painting like I was using poster paint…quite awful and utterly hopeless. So I went back to drawing pictures of Cookie.

  2. I think that is most people’s first experience. Those little kits don’t come with proper instructions. That picture of Dad and Jill and I you have framed somewhere was one of my first. I got a lot of the expression down, but I seem to remember the colors were very muddy. I’m afraid I never got very beyond that.

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