Second night of painting.

I started on my sister’s face, but was totally not feeling it. I had run out of the skin tone I had been using all along and had to make a new batch that just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I battled with it for an hour and then gave up for the night. Forging on in that mood was going to lead to more mistakes. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I’ll get back into the zone.


2 thoughts on “Second night of painting.

  1. Your taking on such a tuff subject and really doing well with it. I too sometimes have to walk away, even if it’s just a little while and come back with fresh eyes to see what I need to do. But I have also learned not to give up and finish it, usually I’m happy with the result… usually. Your very talented for being so young, goodluck with your future and keep working hard.

  2. I’m used to doing everything on the computer and using the magical undo button. Painting is working an entirely different part of my brain. I can’t just fight through problems and try different things since it is so hard to fix mistakes. While I am painting my brain is going, “Ok, this is about 80% good (brush stroke)…oh dear… (brush stroke) dropping to 70%… (water spillage) dropping to 50%… (bleeding) and now it sucks.” I’d have been better at calling it quits at 80%, but there is that allure of the 100% picture calling to me. I just find it kind of comical the little voice in my head occasionally makes observations like that while I am in the middle of it. I’m my worst critic.

    For this particular snapshot I was doing pretty well, but what I did tonight either was a big mistake or will look amazing in the morning. Dark backgrounds are scary. No undo buttons either way!

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