It’s that time of the year again.

You hear me. Christmas crafts! Yes, Christmas crafts. If you don’t start now it just won’t get done. And secretly, giving gifts is my favorite part of Christmas these days so extending the creation of the gifts over a longer period of time is actually a completely selfish act of mine. Bwuahaha! >:[]

List of things I’m making this year:
1. Hand drawn/sewn/watercolored Christmas cards for close friends. And for those who are just getting store bought cards I have these watercolors in trading card size. I guess someone is trying to get artists to use them like trading cards. I just want a nice, mailable gift and these will work.
2. Fannish Kokeshi. Like these.
3. Upcycled leather cuffs made of old leather belts and stuff.
4. Table mats.
5. Mini quilts!
6. Book of lists.
7. Super Secret Fandom Project
8. ?????


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