The Long Surrender

I’ve been listening to the new Over the Rhine album The Long Surrender for about a week now. I was an early contributor in this fan-funded, basement venture and I have no regrets. It’s amazing. It’s being released in February but if you preorder it from the official site you can get a digital copy immediately with your order. I suggest you do this.

The Long Surrender is definitely one of the loosest albums they’ve put out. Lots of piano and horns that act as backups to the vocals which are the focal point in this one.

All my favorite people are broken / believe me my heart should know / for your tender heart / this world’s going to rip it right open / it ain’t going to be pretty / but you’re not alone”
All My Favorite People

Seeing it as a transition from Snow Angels makes the most sense to me even thought the spirit of it seem a branching off of Ohio. The King Knows How, a tribute to Elvis I presume, has a sweet beat. One of the peppiest on an album that is more of a cool heat and the first I found myself singing along with.

“Once in a while / on my radio dial / I accidentally get it right / I’m thinking I might be tempted to / slide on over / I’m thinking I need a little something / to tide me over / over Memphis / ’cause the king knows how / to take me all the way / …you strike a match boy / but do you know how / to burn it all the way / down to Memphis”

It took a few days to grow on me which isn’t unusual. I was trying to think of what my favorite songs were during this re-listen today and thought I was going to have trouble picking them out, but once I got started there were three or four songs that I found I really did connect with already…a very good sign. :) My Favorite People, The King Knows How, and Only God Can Save Us Now are all early favorites.

For a comprehensive review from someone who knows more about music than me can be found here.