Christmas Time!

This year’s Christmas card and letter became a Christmas postcard I drew directing people to a URL for an online Christmas letter which I lit up with links and pictures. Most got the example above, but I drew on the backs of some of them too. Watercolor = Bad Idea. Crayon = Bad Idea. Color pencils were the way to go. Not my best stuff, but for doodles I am pleased with them. Besides the crayon one. Traitorous crayon!
I put a personalized link on there for the people to follow to the website. I think it worked out pretty well. The best part was that I could still correct misspellings even after I sent things out. Piece of mind = Priceless.

I doodled this while at work and it ended up looking as it does below.

Above are some sample web pages of the letter. I put down my favorite tray (I love scatter trays like whoah) and then assembled important things on it. My favorite mug. Favorite tea. Kindle with one of my stories loaded into it. Favorite pen. A list of my “top of the pops” (people actually want to know these things). My grandpa’s guitar pick. Mini pencil set. Vintage Florida postcard etc. That was the base which I took a photo of and got cleaned up in Photoshop. All of the “photos” I added in Photoshop in “post production” as a top layer and those photos switched out topically for each page.

A few days before Christmas I sent out an email blast for people I had email addresses to. Some are repeats from the mailer, but for others this will be their first hit so I included some of the postcard art again.

Me, take advantage of a chance to be narcissistic during socially acceptable times like the end of year letter?  You betcha.


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