Books: Seeking North

My favorite genre author CJ Cherryh and a couple of her author pals are starting a shared universe fic online. It started today so now would be a great time to get into it. All three of them are going to be writing in it and when it is all done they will be putting it up as an ebook probably. Until then you can watch the authors process and stuff and enjoy the story. Back in the ’80s – early ’90s during the scifi/fantasy boom shared universe novels were big and I’ve been reading moldy old copies of them this past year on a lark. It’s typically pulpy and raw, but a lot of fun occasionally and a good way of previewing different writers you might not have tried out otherwise. Cherryh and her friends have been experimenting with putting their backlisted collection up online as ebooks and this shared universe thing is an extension of that.


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