Fannish Friday Four

Outcasts: I am seriously not understanding the indifference this show is getting. I think it is awesome and pretty (filmed in South Africa) and very character friendly from the start. Like a good book awesome. This lit major is pleased at least. The premise of the show is pretty simple. Earth is toast and a limited number of people are part of a colonization program. Some people went ahead early, leaving family that were promised to be put on later ships, to establish a settlement. Once established the others were supposed to come in ships.

The show starts with what is possibly the last ship approaching the planet after a very long voyage. It also starts with a scout returning from the wilderness a little loopy with a long plotted revolution in his head. Certain people are having trouble adjusting the transition of a colony run by survival rules to one where the government wants them to put down their guns. The colony was supposed to learn from the problems on Earth but already there is tension on how things should be. There is also a dark secret that has already happened in their past. There is something out beyond the walls that people either are keeping secret or are naively ignoring. So to me that is all interesting. Also, there is a cool dark haired girl for me to latch on to. In certain things I am just not that complicated.

Level E: Speaking about not being complicated I started watching this anime called Level E because I thought there was a cute blonde girl in it. Well, it’s a boy. SNAP. And to think, I believed that over the years I had gotten good at the very slight gender divide in anime.

Anyhow, my sister described it as Doctor Who done by the Japanese. An alien crashes on earth (maybe), loses his memory (maybe), and latches on to a high school athlete who just moved to town (ok, that bit is for sure). He assumed the form of a human but he is really this gross bug thing or something (maaaybe). He is really wacky like the Doctor (note the hand puppets he uses to reenact an interesting-to-him observation on a male/female conversation he witnesses) in full unwelcome-guest mode. The crash site is being investigated by a scientist who just happens to be the dad of the girl next door. I’ve only seen one episode, but I am sure they will soon form a trio of Doctor/Companion nature.

Knight and Day: I watched this FINALLY after a number of unfulfilled Redbox experiences in subzero temperatures. I found it really funny. Tom Cruise, despite the obvious crazy just under the surface, can still play wacky action heroes. Cameron Diaz did something to her face that made her upper lip unable to move. It was really distracting. I think the movie sorta fails when it comes to her character. She is either drunk, drugged, or loopy the whole time. Maybe five minutes when she wasn’t under the influence of something. While it was funny at first I think the movie suffered from the lack of a stronger, sober female character. The movie could have been here, but instead it was just here. Here instead of here. Here, here, here, here.

Human Target: I didn’t like the first season. It was waaaaay too boys club to me and unlike xxxHolic I was not digging the female client thing over and over again. Especially when it was a boys club involved. All that changed with season two and the introduction of Indira Varma (who you’d know from ROME) who plays a client who sticks around and makes the show watchable. In fact if you are a fan of shows like Burn Notice or Leverage you should try out season two of Human Target. Just skip season one. Season two is funny and actiony and has that thing with characters that USA is known for doing. It really feels like a cable show. Anyhow, I am surprised as much as anyone that I both gave this show another chance and ended up enjoying it as much as I do.


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