30 day song challenge

day 04 – a song that makes you sad
While You Were Sleeping – Elivs Perkins

This song messes me up. It is about Perkins’ mother and the morning she woke up and got on one of the planes that went down on 9-11. It captures fleeting moments that happen in a morning when they were still in bed, caught between the past and the future but not exactly in the present yet. It touches on the idea of “ignoring the sun” and staying in bed that day. It is a beautiful song and never trite. Just human. I don’t listen to it very much because it does mess me up, but it is very very good.

“were you falling / were you flying / and were you calling out / or were you dying / thank god you’re up now / let’s stay that way / else there’ll be no mornings / and no more days / cos when we’re dreaming / our babies grow / the sun shines / and the shadows flow / time flies / the phone rings / there is a silence / and everybody tries to sing”


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