Fannish Friday Four

Fleur Morgan
Outcasts has had its ups and downs and I’ve said elsewhere it isn’t an easy show which I think throws some people off when they come into it sorta sideways from the genre. It is more of the scifi lit short story kind of thing rather than popcorn scifi or even blow-stuff-up scifi. It isn’t as hardcore as Caprica (RIP) but it isn’t typical stuff either. I like difficult things and struggling, isolated colonists will be full of stressed out people, difficult people forced to wear different hats that are not a good fit for them and hats that turn good people into not so good people. (with the exclusion of Star Trek Voyager’s handling of it which was to more or less ignore all natural tension the scenario would suggest and instantly be happy castaways. Space Cases = Cute | Earth 2 = Clancy Brown nuff said | Voyager = Kes/Neelix…creepy wrong)

Fleur is my favorite. She starts off as an idealist, buying into the whole rebuilding humanity without the problems utopia thing, and then she starts getting hints that something dark has been going on and instead of ignoring it or making excuses for it she is all I C U and starts to get some agency. She can get a little cocky and doesn’t seem to have the combat training to back up some of her aspirations (lolz the rooftop scene) and also seems to think happy thoughts keeps her head from being blown off numerous times…but out of all of them she might make it out alive I believe and perhaps save a few people with her. She’s also adorable and probably the best catch on the entire planet next to Cass and Rudi.

The Chicago Code: Another show not enough people are watching. Shawn Ryan, who happens to be from the city I’m living in currently (lots of crime here to work off of for sure) and who wrote for The Shield is the creator. It pulls its punches more than I’d like as it is on FOX. On the other hand it has a promising ongoing storyline, is set in Chicago, and has character development and stuff more than just character quirks which most shows seems to think equals development. It has Jennifer Bealsin it playing Chicago’s first female police superintendent and I’d normally roll my eyes at that, but she does a very good job at being both cool and flawed at the same time. She’s no where near perfect at her job and won’t be clean when she’s done with it, but it is interesting watching her sketch out the battle lines. I also like how in the second episode she has a chance of letting her old street partner clean up an uncomfortable mess for her and instead she sucks it up and does it herself. That was the tipping point of the show for me so far. Will she or won’t she deal with something on her own when faced with an out. I wasn’t disappointed.

LOL: Community and Raising Hope were both hilarious this week. I laughed so hard. Like a laugh loop. Reading Rainbow. Reading. Rainbow. Why are all of my favorite shows getting such low ratings when they are so good? “Me and Abed have an agreement. If one of us dies, we stage it to look like a suicide caused by the unjust cancellation of Firefly. We’re gonna get that show back on the air, buddy.” AND “Oh well. More fish for Kunta”

Joan as Police Woman: I think Joan Wasser of Joan as Police Woman is gorgeous. If you are in the mood for meandering melancholy check her music out. Despite all appearance she is not an aspiring punk rocker. She’s been around forever doing this or that in the industry going back to the early 1990s. She might be familiar from being Jeff Buckley’s girlfriend (Buckley being someone I have an I have an irrational hatred of in a music legacy sense. Well, rational if you had to live in a dorm during his hey day…same goes for Dave Matthews. What a dark period in music history. Couldn’t open a window without that drivel drifting in. So many copycats attempting that sound. *shivers*)


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