30 day song challenge

day 06 – a song that reminds you of somewhere
Early Morning Rain by Gordon Lightfoot

I distinctly remember listening to this song in the backseat of the car on the way to Grandpa’s farm. I must have been little because I could hardly see over the door frame. Car seat? We didn’t need any car seats back in the ’80s. I remember only being able to see the telephone poles going by as I looked up over the rim of the door. I had a habit of counting them thinking that if I ever knew the number I could tell what leg of the journey we were on. I also raced raindrops down the window (picking the drop I hoped would drip down first) and counted bucking oil horses when I was a little older and figured out what they were. If you were a kid pre-game boy you created your own entertainment for long car rides.

This old airport’s got me down – it’s no earthly good to me
’cause I’m stuck here on the ground as cold and drunk as I can be
You can’t jump a jet plane like you can a freight train
So, I’d best be on my way in the early morning rain


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