Fannish Friday Four

In the span of three days I managed to marathon the Korean Drama Goong (Princess Hours) as though life itself depended on it. Goong is about a fictional Korean Democratic Monarchy (Korea doesn’t have a monarchy of any kind in reality) where the recent death of the elderly king and poor health of his son means that his grandson, the Crown Prince, must quickly become worthy of being successor to the throne. One of the main tasks is to get married since the old king’s son has health problems and the young prince might become king sooner rather than later. Normally this would be to a girl from one of the rich families, but the old king had made a promise in his youth that his grandson would marry the granddaughter of his friend in the war… a granddaughter who turns out to be a common high school girl. The girl’s family is in financial trouble (seriously, the repo men were going through their house) and while she doesn’t want to get married and doesn’t particularly care for the prince it would be a quick way of restoring the livelihood of her family. Besides that drama, the prince has a girlfriend he loves and the monarchy has a dark secret that is poised to return during this time of crisis. The show was a lot of fun and my favorite from Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun Hye, is as cute as ever in this. If you liked Coffee Prince you should try Goong out. If you already love Goong go try Coffee Prince. I found them both similarly fun. You can find Goong on Crunchyroll and Coffee Prince on hulu.

Game of Thrones: Things are starting to progress quickly as the premiere date of Game of Thrones nears. There is a new poster out (which is likely the cover of the reprinted book) and a fresher trailer. What has me particularly excited besides the new book coming out soon and the show is that HBO has set up a shop. I want a Stark shirt.

Jasper Fforde: The new book is out! One of our Thursdays is Missing. I’ve not reread any of the Thursday Next books for a while. There was a lot of “uh…but wait, oh, now I remember, and then she is, yes, that’s how it went down…” but eventually I got settled into it. There is something in Fforde’s writing that I find soothing. I was laughing out loud through much of the beginning of it. I think it is the same feeling I get when reading Terry Pratchett. He can write witty satire but throughout it all it is from the mind of someone who really does like people, warts and all. There are so many ways it can be done wrong but for me he does it exactly right.

Garfunkel & Oats: They have kept me alive this last week. They are a comedy duo, much on the same vein as Flight of the Concords, and while they toe the line of good taste at times you always get the sense it is because they’ve been there before. Often times you’ve been there too. (see: Me, You and Steve). Running with ChickenMe, You and StevePregnant Women are SmugPresent FaceDog Song from Raising Hope


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