Fannish Friday Four

Doctor Who:
It’s that time of year again. The teaser before the teaser before the teaser of the new season of Doctor Who. Hurray! This time last year we were still wondering what we were going to get with a new executive producer in Moffat and a new Doctor. It could only be good for me since I loved Moffat’s episodes and was more than ready for a new Doctor. Now that it turned out so well this second season (why does it seem appropriate I reset the number?) of Moff’s Doctor Who is one where we know what to expect (awesomeness) and it more a matter of waiting for it to come back again. Tonight we got a little titillating taste of what is in store for us with a Red Nose Day special. Take a look at Part One and Part Two and tell me you aren’t ready for more Amy and the Ponds? Get ready to be Incepted.

Dark Magic: I’ve never been much of a short story reader. Short stories haunt me. Like friends you meet and love for a short time until they move off to Montana and you never see them again. *cough* They can touch you profoundly but for me it a sprint instead of a marathon and sprints used to leave me with blood pounding in my ears minus the distance running euphoria I could get. They simply hurt and I avoided them.

I like to be immersed in my fiction, thankyoumuch. It is hard enough to get me to read 500 page one-offs. I prefer a gazillion page series. My recent encounters with short stories started when I ran across C.J. Cherryh’s short story collection called Visible Light. As with many of her other books I buy them when I find them and then let them intimidate me from the shelf for upwards of a year. This one was extra broody because I was so used to extensive ‘verses from her. I finally pulled it it off the pile, read it, and loved it. Of course.

Then this past Fall CJ mentioned she did another short story for a new compilation edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders. It is a collection of short stories from the best Sword and Sorcery writers out there. I knew a few of the writers, but really I have still not recovered from the dry spell of pleasure reading I had in college. A lot of the authors were unfamiliar to me. I thought maybe this would be a good way of getting to know their writing without having to commit much. I’ve been burned in the past after all.

So far so good! I’ve only ready three of the stories, but all three had something in them I liked. As a writer I enjoyed looking at the world building and the character introductions. They only have a short amount of time to get the story started and each writer seemed to have a different speed out of the chute. I think this will be good for my writing and the entertaining aspect of it is just bonus.

Shugo Tokumaru: So many of us are heart-hurt for Japan and for good reason. Prior to the disaster I came across Shugo Tokumaro during my normal internet trolling (like in fishing, not flaming). I was immediately struck with how good his music made me feel. I have no idea what he is saying besides a few words that are all good words, but as a vocal instrument he makes me as happy as Jónsi or The Sugarcubes. If you need a pick-me-up try out his music.

Lannister: When Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was cast as Jaime Lannister I knew Game of Thrones was in good hands. I had loved him in everything else I had seen him in and he was also associated with my space suit kink. Heh. Now that I am seeing more scenes with him, especially with his sister…ok, so I was a Lannister fangirl before. Now…actually, the whole Lannister family is starting to give me warm fuzzy feelings. Sure, they are screwed up in every way possible, but I always *got* them. I can’t say that much about the Starks beyond the first book. Now not only do I appreciate the Lannisters more I think maybe they are the best cast of the whole bunch. For all that the Starks are the bloodlines of the show, the Lannisters are always nearby when the moral decisions are made. Kingslayer anyone? The more I know about what went on years ago and is going on now I am finding myself looking to them as contributors rather than simply the villains. Here is a new, general trailer that shows more Lannister as well as more of the rest of the characters. Oh, and here is one just for Jaime. As always, I warn you to avoid the comments in YouTube and elsewhere. If not spoilers there are some fanboys on there to be avoided.


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