Bundaberg Ginger Beer

This past month I attended a wedding in Florida where they had homemade Jamaican Ginger Beer bottled up as a beverage. It was gingery enough to take off the first coat of paint and leave you coughing…yet I kept at it anyway. This isn’t it. What this is is a ginger beer that is the closest I could find to that authentic stuff. It won’t make you cough but it leaves a pleasant (pleasant I say!) burning as it goes down. *nomnom* I’ve tried other kinds that were more like the Sprite of ginger beers. This is more like the Cola of ginger beers.  I recommended it as a nice bridge between the more available stuff which is pretty sucky and the real stuff. You can find it on Amazon but I found it in a small midwest grocery store. Couldn’t find it in the city, but the small town had it. Go figure. I got it for around $5.75 for a pack of four.


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