Luther 2×01

Luther 2x01

I watched series one of Luther in two days via Netflix streaming. There are only six episodes in the first season so that wasn’t hard to pull off.  Fortunately series two has already started.

Thoughts on season one (spoilers obviously):

Probably my favorite show of this type since Wire in the Blood. What a crazy little show.

Idris Elba. I could watch his face forever. He’s going to be in Prometheus. I am so excited. Idris Elba and Noomi Rapace in the same film. I might just die. Fassbender and Guy Pearce are in it too? *flail*

I enjoyed Luther’s sociopath friend Alice. Specifically how Alice gets annoyed when Luther has things more pressing than dealing with her and she goes off on her own to meddle and fix. Alice and Moff’s Sherlock would get along quite well I think.

I will missed Indira Varma‘s face. :( I wish she had more to do in the show than she did, but she was pretty cool and ended up saving Luther in the end as I think (as she did) Ian was going to kill him and perhaps he and Zoe both since she would have been a witness. I wish we had more back story with the three of them. I always felt like I had missed the first season while watching this.

Paul McGann trying to fight Elba. He is what, 5′ 8″ in heels? Not going to win that one, Eight. I was glad that Mark turned out to be reasonable and only main fault was being human. When presented with facts he stepped it up. I liked the scenes with he and Zoe dealing with Alice. Maybe a bit unrealistic, but Varma and he do a very good “fierce” in the face of WTF. I wish Human Target got picked up. She doesn’t seem to be slated to be in anything in the near future. Boo.


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